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What We Offer

The highest level of personal service and advice.

Medics isn’t the largest provider of demonstrative evidence. Our exhibits aren’t stock or cookie cutter presentations of the medical evidence. Your case won't be just another job number passed between multiple artists, case managers and client reps. We treat each case as the unique set of facts and issues that it is. We treat each client as if they are our only client. You deserve that, your clients deserve that.

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Visually Effective

Our exhibits supplement your expert’s testimony and reinforce their role as experts to your jury. They clearly communicate only what needs to be conveyed to make your argument.  We achieve this by designing visuals that are approachable to the lay jury or trier of fact, while not overwhelming the viewer with needless medical jargon and superfluous information.

Technically Accurate

Medics excels at creating visuals that accurately explain, persuade and clarify the medical and scientific evidence in your case. We are Board Certified Medical Illustrators and have Master's Degrees in Medical Illustration. We have worked with some of the nation’s leading surgeons, medical experts, attorneys and trial consultants.

Presentation Flexible

Whether your courtroom style is traditional or high-tech, we can provide you with the presentation options you need. Our on-site digital printing and mounting allows us to deliver exhibits as high-quality, 30” x 40” trial boards, or as electronic files for projection in the courtroom.

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